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Mor Life: Connecting You to the Events You Love
Discover and create exciting events with Mor Life, your go-to social calendar platform. Easily plan and organize gatherings with friends, and share them through popular social media channels like WhatsApp.
Mor Life offers a seamless user experience:
• Explore: Browse a comprehensive day view and event library, keeping you informed of upcoming happenings.
• Organize: Create and manage your own events, inviting friends and sharing details with ease.
• Connect: Find and follow friends, viewing their events in a personalized social feed.
• Showcase: Build your social profile with a gallery of events, highlighting your involvement and interests.
• Accessible: Experience Mor Life on the web and through the iOS app available on TestFlight.
Built with React Native, Mor Life delivers a smooth and intuitive interface for managing your social calendar and connecting with friends through shared experiences.
Start planning your next adventure today with Mor Life!