With over 10 years of software development expertise, I help companies in finance, healthcare, and e-commerce build web applications that solve real problems. I'm passionate about web standards and open-source, actively contributing to theW3C schema.org Community Group.

On the front-end, I am currently writing in React and have lead projects in Angular, as well as enterprise upgrades from legacy codebases. On the back-end, I typically use Node.js and Python.

My roots are in writing Javascript and database applications, building a successful e-learning company, DigitalMed. I am a graduate of Skidmore College and a native of Greater Boston, though I am now based out of New York City and my work has brought me far and wide recently.

When I am not working, I enjoy cooking, playing acoustic guitar, showing my Scrabble foo, and adding to a burgeoning zettelkasten.

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